3 Options for Custom Tilt and Turn Windows in Toronto

Tilt and turn windows are widely used in Toronto because of the privacy and security benefits they offer. When you live in a big, bustling city, having full screens, optional blind systems, and a solid uPVC frame is almost mandatory. Tilt and turn windows have helped thousands of Toronto residents feel safe; not only does our seamless frame and sash deny intruders a gap to insert a break-in tool, but our custom blind system options obscure the inside of your home to potential thieves.

Enhanced privacy and security are not your only options when customizing your tilt and turn windows in Toronto, however. Many people are drawn to our tilt and turn windows because of the design potential that our customization options provide. Here is a small taste of what you can personalize with our tilt and turn windows.

  • Custom colours – EuroStar Windows offer Toronto residents tilt and turn windows in nearly any colour they can imagine. Whether you need to match your frames with a vibrant garden bed, or find the perfect uPVC shade to complete your home’s colour scheme, we can help. Our tilt and turn window profiles are available in over 300 colours!

  • Accessorize at will! Euro Star Windows Toronto offers a number of exciting custom accessories for your tilt and turn windows. Dive into our exhaustive catalog of colours, handle types, and glass type designs including decorative grills and privacy glass. Whether you want your tilt and turn windows to stand out or blend in, we can help!

  • Custom home-use – The customization potential of our tilt and turn windows does not end once your installation is complete. You get to custom your design, and also customize how your windows are used. A number of different applications exist, making these windows truly versatile. Want to let in fresh air without welcoming rain and intruders? Tilt your windows to 150mm from the vertical position. Your windows can be opened from 90 to 180 degrees so that you get the perfect level of ventilation. Tilt and turn windows also give you total control of your home’s sound insulation; you can shut out the outside world, or keep the ambient noise from a Toronto event at a pleasant level – your tilt and turn window opening acts as a glorified volume knob!

To learn more about our EuroStar tilt and turn windows, please visit us online today!