Bifold Doors

Aluminum Bifold Doors

Our aluminum Bifold Doors offer enormous freedom. Make the most of good weather and virtually eliminate the barrier between your home’s interior and your yard or pool. These doors can be used to create an excellent, expansive way out onto a patio or to link a restaurant or café with the outdoor spaces it uses seasonally. At the same time, it not only features high technical parameters, but also makes it possible to create large-scale structures. The bifold doors can open outwards or inwards and the panels can be configured as desired. This state-of-the-art product is designed to meet the exhaustive demands of users, architects and developers alike.


  • Durable, three-cavity aluminium profiles, with a structural depth of 86mm for the frame and 77mm for the panels.
  • It is available as a corner or panoramic structure and can be assembled with up to eight panels.
  • The profiles for the central section are fitted with thermal breaks with a width of 24mm for the frames and 34mm for the panels, contributing to the structure’s high thermal performance.
  • The custom-designed hardware guarantees that door panels weighing up to 120kg can be operated with ease.
  • The extensive permissible dimensions make it possible to build doors with a maximum panel height of 3000mm and a width ranging from 700 to 1200mm.
  • It features the widest range of threshold solutions, including one which provides a weatherstrip and another which offers a low threshold for even more user comfort.
  • The glazing ranges from 13.5 to 61.5mm, meaning that both double- and triple-glazing units can be used, as can units with increased acoustic insulation and units with a burglary-resistance rating.
  • It is designed to be compatible with our renowned and highly esteemed aluminum windows, and even doors. Our aluminum offerings share some profiles, joints, gaskets and accessories.

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PVC Bifold Doors

Bifold doors

Homeowners are often more familiar with this style of closet door than exterior option, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a smart & stylish choice! Be the first on your block to incorporate this unique feature into your outdoor living.

Why Choose Bi-Fold Patio Doors?

There are many reasons why homeowners love this modern & unique style of door.

  • Give your home a modern appearance
  • Save on energy bills by updating your efficiency
  • Creates an easier transition between indoor & outdoor living
  • Panels gather to give a wider entry than traditional sliding glass

Choose Your Colour Your entryway should always be a focal point, so we give a variety of bold or neutral colours for you to choose from. From yellows and rusty orange, to woodsy browns, and even bright blues, there is certain to be a colour that will enhance the look of your home. Improve Your Home Efficiency These triple paned options will give you enhanced comfort and energy savings over out of date patio styles. They feature an innovative INEX spacer which reduces heat or cold transfer between the indoors and outdoors, and the low E glass coating technology takes advantage of the warmth of the sun during cold days to help heat the home. Get A Quote For Your Home Contact us today to learn more about bi-fold patio doors, and to find out what they would cost for your home.